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Book Chapter
M. Laura Dell Monache, Liard, T., Rat, A., Stern, R. E., Bhadani, R., Seibold, B., Sprinkle, J., Work, D. B., and Piccoli, B., Feedback Control Algorithms for the Dissipation of Traffic Waves with Autonomous Vehicles, in Computational Intelligence and Optimization Methods for Control Engineering, M. Josée Blondin, Pardalos, P. M., and Sáez, J. Sanchis, Eds. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 275–299.
R. Bhadani, Bunting, M., and Sprinkle, J., Model-based engineering with application to autonomy, in Complexity Challenges in Cyber Physical Systems: Using Modeling and Simulation (M&S) to Support Intelligence, Adaptation and Autonomy, Wiley, 2019, pp. 255-285.
Conference Paper
R. Bhadani, Sprinkle, J., and Bunting, M., The CAT Vehicle Testbed: A Simulator with Hardware in the Loop for Autonomous Vehicle Applications, in Proceedings 2nd International Workshop on Safe Control of Autonomous Vehicles (SCAV 2018), Porto, Portugal, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science , 2018, vol. 269.PDF icon CAT Vehicle Testbed Slides (5.53 MB)
Conference Proceedings
R. Bhadani, Piccoli, B., Seibold, B., Sprinkle, J., and Work, D. B., Dissipation of Emergent Traffic Waves in Stop-and-Go Traffic Using a Supervisory Controller, 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, vol. 57. IEEE, Fontainbleau, Miami Beach, USA, 2018.PDF icon Preprint (1.5 MB)PDF icon Slides at CDC '18 (6.58 MB)
Conference Paper
M. Segata, Cigno, R. Lo, Bhadani, R., Bunting, M., and Sprinkle, J., A LiDAR Error Model for Cooperative Driving Simulations, in IEEE Vehicular Network Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018.PDF icon IEEE VNC Conference Paper (1.16 MB)PDF icon LiDAR Error Model Slides (3.11 MB)
D. B. Work, Stern, R. E., Wu, F., Churchill, M., Cui, S., Pohlmann, H., Seibold, B., Piccoli, B., Bhadani, R., Bunting, M., Sprinkle, J., Monache, M. Laura Dell, Hamilton, N., and Haulcy, R., Controlling for Unsafe Events in Dense Traffic Through Autonomous Vehicles: Invited Talk Abstract, in Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Safe Control of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, New York, NY, USA, 2017, pp. 7–7.
R. 'mani Haulcy, Hamilton, N., Bhadani, R., Sprinkle, J., Work, D. B., Risso, N., Piccoli, B., Monache, M. Laura Dell, and Seibold, B., A Fuzzy based approach to Dampen Emergent Traffic Waves, in CAT Vehicle Research Experience for Undergraduates, The University of Arizona, 2017.PDF icon A Fuzzy based approach to Dampen Emergent Traffic Waves.pdf (716.6 KB)
R. E. Stern, Wu, F., Churchill, M., Work, D. B., Monache, M. Laura Dell, Piccoli, B., Pohlmann, H., Cui, S., Seibold, B., Hamilton, N., Haulcy, R. ’mani, Bhadani, R., Bunting, M., and Sprinkle, J., Dampening traffic waves with autonomous vehicles, in ITRL Conference on Integrated Transport: Connected and Automated Transport Systems, 2016.
J. Sprinkle, Bhadani, R., Cui, S., and Seibold, B., Robust Control of Autonomous Vehicle Trajectories, in AIMS, 2016.