Cyber-physical systems

CAREER: Domain-Specific Modeling Techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems

The objective of this research is an injection of new modeling techniques into the area of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). The approach is to design new architectures for domain-specific modeling tools in order to permit feedback from analysis, validation, and verification engines to influence how CPSs are designed. This project involves new research into the integration of existing, heterogeneous modeling languages in order to address problems in CPS design, rather than a single language for all CPS.

Control of Vehicular Traffic Flow via Low Density Autonomous Vehicles

In the next few decades, autonomous vehicles will become an integral part of the traffic flow on highways. However, they will constitute only a small fraction of all vehicles on the road. This research develops technologies to employ autonomous vehicles already in the stream to improve traffic flow of human-controlled vehicles. The goal is to mitigate undesirable jamming, traffic waves, and to ultimately reduce the fuel consumption.

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