Workshop for Aspiring PIs in Cyber-Physical Systems

On February 18-19, 2014, we will hold a one and a half-day workshop designed for researchers who aspire to participate in NSF's Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) program.  The workshop is by invitation only, and is open to people with research interests in cyber-physical systems who have not previously been funded by NSF as part of the CPS Program.  The goal of the workshop is to help aspiring PIs understand what NSF (and importantly, the panels convened by NSF) are expecting to see in a successful CPS proposal.

The workshop will be held in the Washington, DC area, and is scheduled such that participants will be able to arrange meetings in the DC area to coincide with their participation in the workshop.

The agenda for the workshop will include:

* Brief talks by NSF Program Directors (PDs) on their goals for the CPS Program, and the opportunity for participants to pose questions to the PDs;
* Brief research talks by current CPS PIs;
* A panel of current CPS PIs on what it takes to formulate and carry out a CPS research agenda;
* Discussions of CPS scope;
* Discussions of common mistakes made in proposals; and
* Scheduled opportunities for one-on-one meetings between aspiring PIs and NSF PDs.

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation under award CNS-1419419