Domain Specific Modeling Language for Test World Creation

TitleDomain Specific Modeling Language for Test World Creation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAlexander, J, Pyryt, A, Bhadani, R, Bunting, M
Conference NameCAT Vehicle Research Experience for Undergraduates
Date Published08/2019
PublisherThe University of Arizona
Conference LocationTucson
Keywordsautonomous vehicles, dsml, simulation

It is often necessary to use a 3D physics simulator in order to model and test complex robotic systems. Verifying certain behaviors of systems in the real world can be costly, time-consuming, and even dangerous, while simulations are relatively cheap and fast. However, creating simulated environments to test robotic behaviors can take up quite a lot of time and processing power. In order for behaviors to be tested in a variety of scenarios, multiple environments must be created, causing verification time to increase. This paper presents a domain-specific modeling language that can be used to speed up this process. This modeling language can be used in WebGME to generate multiple world and launch files in Gazebo, a 3D dynamics simulator. These world files can then be used to test various behaviors of complex robots such as the CAT Vehicle (Cognitive and Autonomous Test Vehicle) in a variety of simulated environments. This model language can save valuable testing time by quickly creating usable test files for complex physics based models such as the CAT Vehicle.

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