CPS Traffic Flow

Compositional Systems Lab

Dissipation of stop-and-go waves via control of autonomous vehicles: Field experiments

Research team including Dan Work, Miles Churchill, Nate Hamilton, Shumo Cui, R'mani Haulcy, Rahul Bhadani, Rafael Stern, Benjamin Seibold, Matt Bunting, Maria Laura Delle Monache, and Jonathan Sprinkle

WiP Abstract: Stabilizing traffic with a single autonomous vehicle

In the next few decades, autonomous vehicles will become an integral part of the traffic flow on highways. However, they will constitute only a small fraction of all vehicles on the road. This research develops technologies to employ autonomous vehicles already in the stream to improve traffic flow of human-controlled vehicles. The goal is to mitigate undesirable jamming, traffic waves, and to ultimately reduce the fuel consumption. Contemporary control of traffic flow, such as ramp metering and variable speed limits, is largely limited to local and highly aggregate approaches.

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