Generating Model Transformations for Mending Dynamic Constraint Violations in Cyber Physical Systems

Compositional Systems Lab

TitleGenerating Model Transformations for Mending Dynamic Constraint Violations in Cyber Physical Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsWhitsitt, S, Sprinkle, J, Lysecky, R
Conference NameThe 14th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
Date Published2014

Cyber physical systems by definition involve design constraints addressing the computation and communication necessary to control physical systems. These systems have been modeled using domain specific modeling languages, but some limitations exist in the continued application of such a modeling approach to more complex, or safety-critical, systems. Specifically, it is well known how to formulate constraints in a domain-specific modeling language in order to prevent users from building invalid structures, but existing constraint-based techniques do not take into consideration design requirements that may require analysis in the physical domain (i.e. dynamic constraints). Those analysis results, when interpreted by a domain expert, can inform changes to the model: unfortunately, this process does not scale. This paper presents an approach to integrating dynamic constraints that cannot be enforced using structural model constraints. The technique uses expert blocks to analyze systems and generates model transformations specific to the system using the results of those analyses to fix constraint violations. The paper describes a Dynamic Constraint Feedback (DCF) methodology for integrating this technique into existing systems from a generic perspective. Specific examples in this paper are derived from the domain of data adaptable reconfigurable embedded systems (DARES).

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