Videos featured in Modern Control Systems (13th ed.)

A staple of control systems textbooks includes Modern Control Systems by Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. Bishop. In the 13th Edition, Prof. Sprinkle teamed up with the authors in order to produce over 35 videos that demonstrate how to solve problems in control systems. The approach taken is not to present the problem as solved, but to solve it just like one would in office hours.

See more about the videos and the new textbook overall in this YouTube introduction by the publisher, Pearson.

I-Corps Best Team Award

Our I-Corps team won the Best Team Award for our work in the NSF I-Corps 2012 Summer Cohort at the University of Michigan. This video tells our team's story in the I-Corps program.

Cars that will drive you where you want to go

By Joe Pangburn, Inside Tucson Business (Feb 4, 2011) - At some point in the future, cars will fly – this has been a promise since the early days of science fiction. However, until that day comes, a stepping stone will be cars that can navigate the streets and highways without human manipulation.

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