Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving using CAT Vehicle Testbed

TitleReinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving using CAT Vehicle Testbed
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsNguyen, J, Huynh, H, Av, E, Bhadani, R, Bose, T
Conference NameCAT Vehicle Research Experience for Undergraduates
Date Published08/2019
PublisherThe University of Arizona
Conference LocationTucson
KeywordsAutonomous Systems, Machine Learning

We discuss a deep reinforcement learning implementation using the CAT Vehicle Testbed and discuss the merits of simulation-based deep reinforcement learning. After implementing a simple 3 layered neural network which learned using deep Q-learning, we found some challenges associated with ROS and Gazebo. In spite of these challenges, we demonstrate that our reinforcement learning architecture can teach a car to avoid obstacles. With these preliminary results, we discuss what new things we can do and how we can implement more advanced methods.

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