Recovering Models of a Four-Wheel Vehicle Using Vehicular System Data

TitleRecovering Models of a Four-Wheel Vehicle Using Vehicular System Data
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSprinkle, J, J. Eklund, M, Gonzalez, H, Gr√łtli, EIngar, Sanketi, PR, Moser, M, S. Sastry, S
Date PublishedAugust

This paper discusses efforts to parameterize the actuation models of a four-wheel automobile for the purposes of closed-loop control. As a novelty, the authors used the equipment already available or in use by the vehicle, rather than expensive equipment used solely for the purpose of system identification. After rudimentary measurements were taken of wheelbase, axle width, etc., the vehicle was driven and data were captured using a controller area network (CAN) interface. Based on this captured data, we were able to estimate the feasibility of certain closed-loop controllers, and the models they assumed (i.e., linear, or nonlinear) for control. Examples were acceleration and steering. This work served to inform the separation of differences in simulation and vehicle behavior during vehicle testing.