Modeling of Data Adaptable Reconfigurable Embedded Systems

TitleModeling of Data Adaptable Reconfigurable Embedded Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGopinath, V, Sprinkle, J, Lysecky, R
Conference NameProceedings of the 8th IEEE Workshop on Model-Based Development for Computer-Based Systems
Date PublishedApril

Many applications require high flexibility, high configurability and high processing speeds. The physical constraints of a highly flexible system’s hardware implementation preclude a hardware solution that satisfies all configuration options. Similarly for pure software implementations, even if configurability is satisfied, process efficiency will be sacrificed. Thus for applications of any significant size, there can be no single hardware or software configuration that can efficiently support all the configurability options of the applications. The Data-Adaptable Reconfigurable Embedded System (DARES) approach tackles this problem through combination of the hardware-software co-design and reconfigurable computing methodologies. Data-adaptability means that as data streams change, the system is reconfigured along the baselines defined within the system’s specifications. In this project we use the concepts of Model-Integrated Computing to implement a domain-specific modeling language for the DARES approach. The language captures all the configurability options of the application task(s), performs design-space exploration, and provides a template for source code generation.