• Edition 13 of Modern Control Systems by Dorf and Bishop

    Prof. Sprinkle has been using videos to help students learn control systems through YouTube since 2013. Now, a new version of Modern Control Systems (Dorf and Bishop) uses videos developed by Sprinkle as an integral part of the text.

  • The story of the CAT Vehicle REU site, told by UA News. See http://uanews.org/videos/wanted-young-engineers-drive for more details.

  • Congratulations to the CAT Vehicle 2015 researchers for a successful demonstration! You can read more about their projects and each of the researchers on the CAT Vehicle Website (http://catvehicle.arizona.edu/cat-vehicle-2015).

  • Bruce Wright, Ann Hart (facing away) and Sean Whitsitt.

    The CAT Vehicle 2014 REU Team played a key part in the demonstration of the autonomous car to UA President Hart, and the role of research from main campus down at the UA Tech Park. Students Destinee Simone and Alice Kim were part of the demonstration team. Check out the pictures to see more!

  • Vice President of Innovation Dave Allen

    Tech Launch Arizona at the University of Arizona is focused on helping transition technology from faculty to industry in the state of Arizona. Prof. Sprinkle was interviewed for part of this report about his experience using TLA and Wheelhouse to transition the invention to market.

    See the news report at http://www.TucsonNewsNow.com/clip/10461142/ua-tech-launch-arizona

  • Prof. Sprinkle was honored on March 25, 2014, alongside faculty and staff from other UA Colleges as a receipient of the Catapult Award. Sprinkle and his colleagues Susan Lysecky, Xiao Qin, and Manny Teran have partnered with Tech Launch Arizona by filing invention disclosures on their closed-loop cost controlling thermostat technology, working with the Wheelhouse to create and build the start-up Acomni LLC, and being a two-time customer of the Wheelhouse Proof-of-Concept program.

  • On February 18-19, 2014, we held a one and a half-day workshop designed for researchers who aspire to participate in NSF's Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) program. The workshop was by invitation only, and was open to people with research interests in cyber-physical systems who have not previously been funded by NSF as part of the CPS Program.  The goal of the workshop was to help aspiring PIs understand what NSF (and importantly, the panels convened by NSF) are expecting to see in a successful CPS proposal.

  • In an effort to increase communication and collaboration across various disciplines of researchers working with technology to improve human health, a group of University of Arizona researchers has come together to create the UA Mobile Health Special Interest Group.

  • Casey Mackin earned a 2012 Astronaut Scholarship.

    Skylab astronaut Ed Gibson presented UA engineering student Casey Mackin with a $10,000 scholarship from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

  • Winning team (L to R): (I-Corps Administrator), Manny Teran, Jonathan Sprinkle, Xiao Qin, NSF's Babu Dasgupta.

    Our NSF I-Corps project takes the mystery out of home heating and cooling bills.

News from @jmscslgroup on Twitter

talks about how more accidents like these are likely, unless human drivers follow traffic laws. https://t.co/LkJP8PzYIp 3/28/17
Check it out! The CAT Vehicle Site was renewed for 3 years! Co-PI Tamal Bose, link to award info at https://t.co/o8MCrwDU9M 1/24/17
The CAT Vehicle REU Site was renewed for 3 years! Co-PI Tamal Bose, see more at https://t.co/xFexvRfgvy 1/23/17
and lab personnel featured in this video! https://t.co/3WlDussTOK 12/12/16
Story by featuring quotes from on Challenges Facing Driverless Cars https://t.co/oRlRRsEjru 9/29/16

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Edition 13 of Modern Control Systems by Dorf and Bishop
Bruce Wright, Ann Hart (facing away) and Sean Whitsitt.
Vice President of Innovation Dave Allen


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